pure spotlight

You are a leader who was ready yesterday to level-up your business + life.

Hidden blind spots are eclipsing your ultimate success.

Pure Spotlight is a 90-Day Intensive to unleash and transform your stuck power and energy hidden in the blind spots so you can get the results you crave.



Suzanne Michelle Fox Transformation Guide

We will uncover where your biggest blind spot is, what it needs to transform into, and how to leverage it.





The framework is pure.

The tool is a spotlight.

Pure Spotlight is magical.

The pure energy and power within you will be transmuted into the raw material that we will work with, to get you the tangible results you crave.

You are the magic.

Your blindspot detector.

When you can see it, you can fix it.


Pure is the color of Truth. In order to slice through confusion and noise in your business and life, it is required to build a framework with exacting standards and integrity to confidently navigate complexity and uncertainty.


Expect high levels of intuitive guidance and streams of pure truthbeams to break through status quo. Beyond common knowledge is where you will find unimagined creative solutions to produce uncommon results.


You will get clarity by connecting the dots to all of the seemingly unrelated and random bits of information in order to see how the dots are actually interconnected and in relationship to each other. 


Below the surface of what you think are the obvious symptoms and causes of your business and life issues, is actually the deeper root source, hidden in the invisible energy field. We go there.

Pure Spotlight for your business + life


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